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Our History & Pedigree

Trifle Solutions was founded over 20 years ago by Shahida Afzal, herself a telephone sales expert with an excellent track record in getting results across her career.

Shahida was consistently disappointed by the standard of telemarketing taking place both within outsourced services and in internal telemarketing teams. She identified several key flaws in the way telemarketing was structured and conducted. This left her determined to prove that a different way was not only possible, but that it would produce the consistent results that all businesses need.

Ahead of the curve, Shahida realised the potential offered by highly intelligent and well qualified parents who’d exited their careers to look after their children. By offering flexible working before it was even a recognised path, she was able to bring brilliant minds back into the workforce and create a unique talent pool to serve her clients. As the team has grown, the backgrounds of her staff have become more diverse, but these early members have remained a yardstick for the quality of employee required at Trifle.

The Trifle Way

The culture at Trifle is very distinctive and something we’re rightly proud of. We hand pick professionals who are driven, self-motivated and most of all love the work they do. Every employee is supported and empowered to bring their A-game to your project, every single day, for instance.

As they join the team, each member receives comprehensive training in our unique approach to building relationships on the phone, allowing them to get the contacts that even your own team can’t. As a result, once they’re ready, they’re supported throughout their campaigns and progress along a defined career development pathway to keep them highly engaged and interested in achieving more.

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