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Highly Cost Effective Telephone-Based Lead Generation Services 

Answering your call for leads, information and more.

We are proven experts in telephone communication and can deliver great results in a selection of key competencies. These include:

Regardless of the specific nature of the project, we always approach things in the same way. The Trifle way. This means professionalism, effectiveness, and being completely flexible to meet your needs, whilst leveraging our experience, expertise and best-in-class methodology to deliver the results you need. 

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We offer all prospective clients a service trial before they commit to working with us. Trials typically take up to 3 hours and we begin by spending 30-40 minutes ensuring we fully understand your business and your brief to the point that we are ready to make our first calls. 

We then make approximately 50 calls. The aim of these calls is to understand:

The quality of your data

The appetite for your product or service

What would realistically be achievable for a long-term campaign

Upon successful completion of the trial, your dedicated team will be allocated to your account, briefed in and your project will begin within 2 weeks. 

Your Campaign

Each member of your Trifle team is given a thorough briefing on your project and is required to do a series of internal test calls to ensure the briefing has been completely absorbed.

We begin our approach to each company by identifying the correct decision maker for your products and services and accurately recording their full contact details. Only once we have connected with this individual and verified their decision maker status directly with them do we pursue our objective, be that lead generation, appointment setting or market research.

We are incredibly consistent when it comes to establishing contact, even with the trickiest contacts. If it takes hearing someone’s voicemail message 15 times before they are available to pick up the phone, you can be sure we’ll make that 16th call.

Once we have connected with the decision maker, we adopt a consultative selling approach, looking to build instant rapport with them and begin a positive relationship with your brand from day one.

Each call is recorded and accurate records of all information obtained are filed for each and every record.

You’ll receive regular and comprehensive weekly reporting on our progress and are invited to have weekly campaign calls with us to enable us to collaborate with you more closely.

Our Telemarketing Trial

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Your Trifle Team

Your team at Trifle acts as an extension of your own team. Each member is highly experienced and qualified, offering exemplary professional standards of conduct, so you can be proud to have them as representatives of your brand. In each instance, they are looking to not only gain information but to start to build a positive relationship with each prospect for your in-house sales team to capitalise on. 

Multiple representatives will work on your account at any one time in order to deliver the fastest possible results. 

Your Results 

We’ll deliver a definite answer directly from the identified decision maker/s within a given business as to whether or not they ever have a need for your products and services.

We’ll deliver a definite answer directly from the identified decision maker/s within a given business as to whether or not they ever have a need for your products and services.

Additionally, when they do have an identified need, we provide the additional information required for your internal sales team to make a fully informed follow up.

As a result of our tried and tested methodology, developed over 24 years in the B2B space, we also tend to uncover immediate interest and opportunities for sales conversations to take place.

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24 years

in the B2B space