Our Telemarketing Trial

No recruitment fees, no training costs, no wasted time, no wasted salaries

We’ll prove that we can get great results, before you commit.

Risk-free trial, conducted in front of you. See results immediately and gain confidence in how we’ll handle prospect relationships.  

Reliable, single point of contact, developing a quality professional relationship between your business and every single prospect.

Consistent follow up over time to build trust and get the prospect highly qualified and sales ready, even over lengthy sales cycles.

We know you’ll love what you see, but if you don’t, it’s no issue. No recruitment fees, no training costs, no wasted time, no wasted salaries.

Our Telemarketing Trial

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A new approach to outsourced telephone sales

We’re better positioned to deliver a consistent customer experience and better B2B sales results over time, helping you to hit target easily, consistently and cost effectively.

Each member of our team works on a couple of accounts at a time, keeping their motivation levels high and preventing the burnout and staff churn typical of the telesales profession.  

Once you’re happy with the trial, we’ll start your outsourced sales project within a week. We become a fully integrated part of your team that your prospects won’t be able to tell apart from your regular staff. And if we don’t deliver a reliable flow of qualified B2B sales leads, you’re free to walk away after just 3 months. But we know that won’t happen.  

Many of our clients have even gone so far as to completely eliminate their internal teams in favour of using our outsourced telemarketing services.