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Ask about our guarantee, Hand-picked Professionals, Based remotely, 100-150 calls per day, 1-4 qualified leads, with decision makers, with control of finances, with a need for your product

We are Experts in Intelligent

Telesales and Marketing

Established in 2001, Trifle Solutions has grown year on year providing flexible telemarketing and telesales services specifically for the B2B marketplace.

Trifle Solutions has a different and refreshing business approach; quite simply if you are not satisfied with the service, quality or volume of leads or appointments then you do not pay.

We hand pick professionals who are driven, self-motivated and most of all love the work they do. To enable our staff to reach your goals they must gain an in-depth knowledge of your business, its products and services, your competitors and the marketplace – all we ask is for your input.

Establish what you need, Brief our professionals, Intelligent telework, Guaranteed, confident results, Satisfied clients