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The art of networking

The art of networking

The art of networking

Next week Trifle Solutions are excited to be attending The Midlands Business & Community Expo.

The Midlands Expo has been created to provide business decision makers throughout the region with an opportunity to grow and develop their business by meeting likeminded dynamic, driven delegates.

In preparation for this networking opportunity we would like to share with you our 10 top tips for networking:
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Making a great first impression at your first client meeting

first impressionMaking a great first impression at your first client meeting

When you are working around creating potential prospects using cold calling, or email marketing, you will find that the prospects who are interested in knowing more will prefer to meet in person. But how do you ensure you make a fantastic first impression when you meet them, and how does this affect your conversion rates? Continue reading

What should you take to an exhibition?

checklist for a business exhibitionWhat should you take to an exhibition?

With a few business expos coming up (now is the second  batch in the year for business shows, so it’s getting busy here at Trifle HQ), we wanted to share a few pointers to making your exhibition a well-executed, and planned one, which will ultimately help you get more connections and potential customers, from your stand. Continue reading

Exhibiting? How to make the best use of the people you meet at a trade show

How to make use of your contacts from a business exhibition / trade showSo, it’s all over, the stand is packed away, all the contacts you made at the trade show / expo are in a great bowl or organised folder/ form. Now what to do?

Well, first I always like to go through, with my team, how the event went – did we get any good feedback that will help us next time we go to an exhibition? Did the stand, social media and, if we got the chance to, talk, help us get new connections or could something have been done to improve the footfall?

Once these have all been noted it’s time to get to the follow up. Continue reading

Why your business requires clean data

Clean Data - by ZohoWhether it’s an email marketing campaign, a telephone sales initiative or for market research, your data (in other words your list of names, emails and telephone numbers) needs to be clean.

What is clean data?

Clean data is a list of contact information that has the correct personal details. Simple, you’d think, right? Not always. If you have had your data and not kept it up to date, even after a year, the details can be incorrect. People move offices, change busine Continue reading

Market Research – What is it and how does it help my business?

Market research - what is it and how does it help your business?Getting clients can be a long, expensive and enduring task; however, once you have them and they learn to love you, they can become an excellent addition to your business. Whether you have on-going relationships with your customers or simply a few purchases, you want to know what attracted them to you, don’t you?

This is what market research is for – to help you understand how, why and what customers who have previously used you, think about your business and what got them to purchase. Continue reading

Top 7 places to hold a business meeting

Business superman - where to have business meetings to increase conversionsSo, the perfect client has booked that important appointment thanks to a certain telemarketer perhaps, and the meeting is in the diary. One of the key elements of getting a yes from your prospect is the place you decided to meet; it can truly show your personality and get the prospect to like you, trust you and, most importantly, buy from you. Continue reading