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Qualified leads are what you need

Lead generationIt’s easy to get hold of data but don’t make the mistake that many do of calling them leads or prospects, they’re just names.

If you ignore this, then your marketing to this spreadsheet or CRM list is most likely… Continue reading

Telemarketing with a difference

darts-155726Telemarketing is one of the most cost-effective and quickest ways to accurately identify contacts at firms interested in purchasing your products and services. It works so efficiently because it requires an immediate response; you have the attention of a live… Continue reading

How To Make The Most Out of a Business Networking Event

You’re not alone. Most people are uncomfortable walking into a roomful of strangers. But networking at business events can help you grow your business and allow you to do hands-on marketing research.

Learning to mingle and to follow-up with business networking contacts is crucial to your self-employment success.  Continue reading

We have moved!

We are extremely excited to announce that at the beginning of February Trifle Solutions made the move to new offices and we are now based at Reading University. Continue reading

The skill behind telemarketing

For many businesses, budget restrictions are on the increase and as we all know too well, many businesses answers to these restrictions is to begin managing and coordinating sales & marketing activities in-house.

With regards to many activities, managing these in-house can work fine and have positive results for a business. However, we have seen that this is not always the case when it comes to telemarketing.

Continue reading

To Do: Get Organised!

Happy New Year! If this is your first week back to work for 2015, we hope that it is treating you well.
Producing reports, following up, planning for the months ahead, January can be a busy month for many businesses. With our inbox’s overflowing, it can feel like an uphill battle organising yourself at the start of the New Year.

It may seem obvious to some but there are few simple steps you can take to get on top of your workload and give yourself peace of mind. Continue reading

New Year’s resolutions for your business

New Year’s resolutions for your business

Hopefully you will be enjoying a well earned break over the festive period, with time to reflect before 2015 and plan your New Year’s resolutions.

Why stop at the standard New Year, New You goals. This year extend your resolutions to your business, for added success in 2015!

In case you are seeking some inspiration, here are our New Year resolutions: Continue reading

Prep your business for the festive season

I think we can safely say that the festive season has officially started. The run up to Christmas is traditionally in most businesses the time to get projects completed and tie up any loose ends, ready to start afresh in the New Year.
However, we are so busy thinking about pieces of work for our clients, it is easy to let tasks for our own business slip to the back of our minds, until that Christmas Eve panic!

Let us help you take the stress and strain out of prioritising your festive season prep with our handy checklist: Continue reading

Why should I attend business shows?

In today’s busy world, we lead lives where we are chained to our emails, attached to our phones and continually adding meetings to our overflowing diaries.

It is so easy to get caught up in current projects that looking out for new opportunities can placed on the sideline.

At Trifle Solutions we understand the value of local business shows and how much they can assist your business to grow.

But what are the benefits of attending business shows? Continue reading