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The skill behind telemarketing

For many businesses, budget restrictions are on the increase and as we all know too well, many businesses answers to these restrictions is to begin managing and coordinating sales & marketing activities in-house.

With regards to many activities, managing these in-house can work fine and have positive results for a business. However, we have seen that this is not always the case when it comes to telemarketing.

In addition to the lack of time available to already busy employees, telemarketing requires a specific skill set, that without, in a worse case scenario, can have negative effects not only for your business but for your employees as well.

You may remember from one of our previous blogs, we discussed why it is unnecessary to force yourself to get over your fear of cold calling. Allow your employees to focus on their primary objectives and what they excel in, whilst outsourcing other tasks, such as telemarketing to specialist businesses, like ourselves, who can help you to achieve maximum success!

So, I hear you ask. What are these skills behind telemarketing?

Well, at Trifle Solutions, we have identified the following essential ingredients that all contribute to the skill of telemarketing:

Product Knowledge – We cannot work miracles but we can achieve the results you are aiming for with a clear understanding of your product.

Quality Data – We can telephone hundreds of potential clients but if they are not part of your target market, it is unlikely they will ever become current clients.

Confidence – Cold calling is all about being confident when speaking to your customer. We love the work we do and this comes across in our phone calls.

Experience – We always save the best for last! For over a decade we have been providing our clients with quality telemarketing services, assisting them to achieve their sales objectives.

With these ingredients combined, we are able support, generate & achieve sales for our clients.

To discover how Trifle Solutions differs from all other telemarketing companies, contact us today to discuss our easy & effective telesales trial.

Trust us, you will not be able to resist it!