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Qualified leads are what you need

Lead generationIt’s easy to get hold of data but don’t make the mistake that many do of calling them leads or prospects, they’re just names.

If you ignore this, then your marketing to this spreadsheet or CRM list is most likely going no-where fast. Take a look at your outbound marketing response rates and see how you’re doing.

There’s no point filling your sales pipeline with loose data. You need to qualify your leads. How do you do that?

  • Commission Trifle Solutions to do some market research or telemarketing for you. We will only pass you qualified leads.
  • If you want to do it yourself, Trifle Solutions offers high quality data at a competitive price, that is clean, well-sourced, and matches your specified criteria.
  • Do your research, are you targeting the right-sized business? Do you have a direct contact for the decision-maker?
  • Then drill down so they’re a ‘closing lead’. Do they have a need for your product or service? Do they have the budget? Does your contact have the authority to buy? When are they looking to make a purchase?

Then and only then are they a qualified lead for your sales funnel. Keep in regular contact with them so that when the time is right to make a sale – they’ve not forgotten about you.

To find out more about Trifle Solutions’ data and telesales services contact us by calling 0845 0559625 or emailing

We offer a telesales trial for just £149 – you can experience the team in action making calls for your business before committing to a campaign with us.