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Market Research Tool

There are times when your customers know more about how you are helping them than you do.

They know why they come to you, how they found you andĀ for which service or product.

Asking them through a customer satisfaction survey, or other market research tool, can provide useful insights into what your customers value from your product or service, and highlight areas for improvement.

When it costs so much to get a new customer, it is worth investing in this type of research to retain your good customers, as well as helping you to identify opportunities for cross-selling.

Trifle Solutions’ Market Research Tools can help businesses like yours spend their budgets in the right place for maximum return on investment.

  • We will consult with you to determine the key points you want us to focus on with our direct marketing skills and develop a campaign.
  • We work with you to formulate a research questionnaire/survey. We can conduct the survey and provide the results report.
  • We also offer a telesales service, the skills needed for this service work hand-in-hand with market research.
  • We can use your data or suggest data houses that you can use.

This service is flexible, personal and adapted to your needs, due to its bespoke nature, quotes are available on request.

If the above is of interest we would love to help, simply call or email us to arrange a personalised proposal.