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The Gift Of Growth

The Gift Of Growth

‘Tis the season to start sorting stuff out. And no, we don’t mean picking the perfect present for Great Aunt Mary. Most businesses who do well with their sales figures from the start of the year don’t leave it until January 4th to get going. They use the so-called dead time in December to do invaluable prep work. This means they can hit the ground running when January rolls around. Here are a few of the things some of our smart clients have been scheduling for next month:

Clean Up & Expand Your Data

Every dial wasted is a wasted opportunity, so take the time to clean up your existing lists. You’ll also want to check and see if you have the right data. Which sectors and business types are you going for next year? Are you doing anything differently? Maybe you have a new product or a new audience you want to use to fuel your growth. Making sure you have the data to match your objectives is an essential first step to fuelling that “growth engine for 2021. Get help with this>>


Identify Decision Makers

When fresh budgets get released come January, you want to make sure you’re knocking on the right door. The natural lull experienced by many businesses in the run up to Christmas is an ideal time to do some detective work. Identifying the decision maker ahead of time means your team’s efforts will be better focused and more likely to pay off quickly. Stuck for time or resources? We can do it for you>>


Build Relationships In The Season Of Goodwill

There’s another useful side effect of the natural seasonal pause we observed previously. People may be more inclined to take an initial exploratory “getting to know you” type call than they’d be at other times. As the years winds down, it’s often easier to be having a nice chat with a potential supplier than watching the clock or starting something you’re never going to finish before you break for Christmas. Need help doing this consistently? We’ll help>>


Get Your Name On The “Good” List

Many businesses start long listing potential suppliers for the following year well before that year actually starts. By taking the time to introduce your proposition to the right person in advance, you’re more likely to at least be considered when the serious decision making comes round. Need help getting your name in there? We’ll make it happen>>


We’ll be working hard throughout December creating more client success stories, so if you need a hand with anything as your teams start to be a bit thin on the ground, just let us know.