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How To Build A Killer Sales Pipeline For 2021

Data Lists - Email And Phone

How To Build A Killer Sales Pipeline For 2021

We’ve had a few enquiries recently at Trifle HQ that have all said the same thing. “How can we build a great sales pipeline, not for now, but for 2021?” Now, you might expect that we’d recommend starting a telemarketing campaign to start to build relationships, qualify decision makers and so on. It might surprise you to know that we didn’t. Why? Because there’s something you need to do first. If there’s one thing you should do now to ensure you have a brilliant sales pipeline in 2021, it’s this.

Get your data sorted.

The best telemarketing or telesales person in the world will only work as effectively as the list they’re working on. Here are a few of the things that may be wrong with your current database. These issues lead to inefficient telephone and email campaigns, effectively setting fire to company funds as you waste time and resources.

    • Incomplete records. Records that have emails but not phone numbers or ones that have switchboards and not direct dials place unnecessary obstacles in the way of your communication campaigns. You want to give every person in your organisation the best shot at getting straight through to the person on the list.
    • Inaccurate records. Lists peppered with people who have left, changed role or changed contact details are a major time and resource waster. There’s no point in trying to contact people who are either not there or not accessible via the contact details you have.
    • Partial market coverage. Missing key companies and contacts from your list means those opportunities are likely to be followed up on by your competitors. You can’t win business if the right people and businesses who’d be a perfect fit for your business never even get to see your offering.


What can you do to fix these problems?

Happily the solutions are pretty simple and can be used alone or in combination.

  • Buy data. Now, we don’t mean any old list. Connect with a reputable data provider and get a quote to see how you can update and supplement your lists.
  • Clean and expand existing data. Another approach is to take a metaphorical scrubbing brush to clean your existing list. Having a telemarketing person go through your list. They can clean up the errors and expand the list of relevant contacts, so you’re ready to fly in 2021.
  • Buy, clean and expand. To our mind, the most powerful approach is a combination of the two. Buying data will open up new connections and companies. Cleaning and expanding data will make the most of what you have.

If you want to chat through getting your data right or the other steps that’ll build a killers sales pipeline for 2021, please get in touch.