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Telemarketing: The State Of Play Survey Report

telemarketing survey report

Telemarketing: The State Of Play Survey Report

We’re very excited to release the report from our first telemarketing state of play survey. We conducted the survey with senior marketers and sales people in B2B companies who were directly responsible for telemarketing. The results yielded some very interesting insights.

We are not normal

On the whole, telemarketing is underperforming as a B2B channel. In our experience, it’s the fastest way to create the best quality leads but this isn’t what our respondents are seeing. This means that we telemarketers, both in-house and outsourced, have an image problem that needs to be addressed.

Data quality is the biggest challenge

Quality data provision is a key challenge for most companies, which we accept as it took us many years to overcome this. However, there are quality data providers out there and we’d invite you to get in touch if you’re struggling in this area. Whoever you are, we’re happy to help.

Strategy & management go hand in hand

We applaud the emphasis placed by the respondents on strategy and planning as an essential ingredient of telemarketing campaign success, but stress an equal need for tight campaign management. Execution needs close monitoring, or the best laid plans will come to naught.

Events and telemarketing

We wanted to know what was happening with the budgets normally allocated to live events. We’d considered telemarketing a natural fit as a replacement for that high quality face to face contact that events offered. The future for the events industry looks pretty bleak. For the most part, it has been effectively replaced as part of the marketing mix. These replacements aren’t telemarketing though. The channel isn’t winning its fair share of this spend, probably due to the performance issues identified.

Please feel free to explore the full survey results in the presentation below, and if you’re in need of having your less-than-excited views on telemarketing performance changed into a rosier outlook, please do get in touch.

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