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Telemarketing Campaign Setup & Strategy

telemarketing strategy

Telemarketing Campaign Setup & Strategy

When thinking about telemarketing, a lot of sales and marketing directors jump straight to considering what’s happening on the phone during calls. But, throughout our 20+ years of running successful telemarketing campaigns for our clients, we know that real results come from proper planning. The most talented telemarketer on the planet will struggle to generate leads if the campaign strategy isn’t right. This is why we spend so much time up front supporting our clients in setting up a campaign correctly. Here are a few pointers to help you shape your next telemarketing campaign.

1) Make sure your campaign has the right goals

You have to start with the outcome in mind. Often we hear things like “more leads” or “five appointments a day”. But these aren’t great goals. What use is five appointments a day if none of them close? Telemarketing objectives have to be linked to closing sales and generating revenue. Ask yourself what you’d prefer, a campaign that generates 25 leads and results in £500,000 of sales or one that produced 200 leads and no sales? Tying telemarketing to financial metrics as opposed to volume ones will ensure that your telemarketers are looking for quality over quantity.

2) Lessons from history

Before you start a new campaign, you’ll always want to review previous telemarketing and sales campaigns. Look at what worked and what didn’t. How can you bring those lessons forward into your new campaign so it gets off on the right foot? Is telemarketing even the best way to get you where you want to go? You might think it strange that we’re asking that, but we only want to work on campaigns that will deliver the results you need. So, if your objective is easier to reach via PPC ads than telemarketing, we’ll always say do that instead.

3) Define and segment your audience

A telemarketing campaign is the quickest way to get sales-ready leads. But the rate at which these come in isn’t just about how effective the telemarketer is on the phone. Rather than giving a very loose audience brief, say UK IT managers, delve a little deeper into your audience.

What industries do you do particularly well in? What company sizes? Bear in mind when looking at company size, these days turnover is a more reliable guide than employees. There are firms out there with only a handful of employees and turnovers into the hundreds of millions. If you’re looking for immediate results, you’re better working more thoroughly on a smaller, more targeted section of your target market to ensure you pick up as much of the low hanging fruit as possible.

4) Plan your campaign management

Successful outsourced telemarketing campaigns need proper management. There’s no sense in issuing a PO and just walking away. You need to define when your regular campaign meetings will be and who needs to attend. You also need a clear plan on what happens when a lead is passed over. A good telemarketing company provides you with a qualified conclusion, making that lead sales-ready. This means you’re starting with an actual value placed on your pipeline and a clear opportunity to pursue. Timing is critical, so you need to ensure a seamless handover of that lead to your sales team.

Be prepared to get involved with your telemarketing team. Good telemarketers are open and flexible, adapting their approach based on prospect feedback and yours to shape a campaign for ever better results as it progresses.

If you’d like our help planning your next telemarketing campaign, we can guide you through the whole setup process step by step, from defining your goals to sourcing the data and doing all the high contact work required to get leads ready to close.