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How Do You Measure Telemarketing?

How Do You Measure Telemarketing?

Conventional telemarketing metrics are based around things like the number of dials a telemarketing executive makes. Or the number of conversations they have in a day. We believe this is the wrong approach and leads to poor results. In this article, we’ll talk you through how we measure telemarketing in a way that generates consistently good results for our clients.

1) Start with the end in mind

Success means different things to different people. Some are looking for telemarketing to qualify a potential lead. Others are looking for appointments to be set. But even these elements aren’t really the end goal. If we said to you you could have 20 appointments a week or one £500K confirmed sale, you’d take the sale every time. Too often in sales and marketing, we lose that focus on the end result. We are no use to the business we serve if we’re not bringing more money through the door. Starting with what that looks like means that your other metrics will automatically align with it and generate the right result.

2) Quality not quantity

Telemarketing is not a volume tactic. It is a scalpel, not a chainsaw. But still too many managers of telemarketing campaigns ask questions that are “How many?” at their heart, not “How good?”. More calls is not the route to more success. We’d always rather see 50 calls resulting in 150 actions that move us closer to a sale than 200 calls made with no progress achieved. We’d prefer a longer series of calls leading to one meeting where all decision makers attend and are “sales ready”, rather than five separate meetings where the attendees are only really looking for more information.

3) Fortune favours the open minded

Another downside of having disconnected success metrics is they also lead to inflexibility of mindset. When your measurements are around how many calls are taking place, the only way to improve is to increase the numbers. In fact, there are usually multiple ways to make a sale. Recent times have only served to illustrate this as field sales teams have been forced to find new ways to hit quota using remote means. Experimentation with your sales funnel shouldn’t be something approached reluctantly or only in times of crisis. Constantly learning and adapting will yield better results than applying the same cookie cutter approach.

For us, telemarketing measurement is more qualitative than quantitive. Measure how well something is being done, rather than how often. Get granular and ensure qualification is as robust as it can be. Keep going when everyone else chucks the towel in. Think out of the box and try another way until you get a method that reliably generates revenue.

If you’re dissatisfied with your telemarketing results, we’d love to talk about how that might change with a bit of help from Trifle.