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Top 7 places to hold a Business Meeting

Top 7 places to hold a Business Meeting

So, the perfect client has booked that important appointment thanks to a certain telemarketer perhaps, and the meeting is in the diary. One of the key elements of getting a yes from your prospect is the place you decided to meet; it can truly show your personality and get the prospect to like you, trust you and, most importantly, buy from you.

Here are our top 7 places to book that first meeting, do share yours too:

  1. Your office – if you have your own office space, with an enclosed, secluded or quiet meeting room, go for it! It will help you show your brand’s personality without you having to shout about yourself. This meeting is all about them, but showing off your business to them is essential to getting that yes.
  2. Their office – if you do not have a good place in your own location to meet, second best can be their office. However, they may take more control over the meeting as they are in a place of comfort; take that into account when you go.
  3. A local coffee shop, preferably not a franchise – do you regularly visit your local and know it serves amazing cake? Book it! It’s great to go somewhere local but also on neutral ground for the pair of you.
  4. Make it a lunch date – if you, and the prospect, have an hour booked, get to a local eatery. It’s good to have a personal piece to speak about ie the food you are eating. It will bring you both down to personal chit chat; getting them to love you even more (beware the garlic and sloppy sauces!).
  5. Hire a meeting room – There are so many places that you can get to, ranging from knee-jerking prices to silly-low prices, all of which can offer a beautiful space to meet. Consider joining a co-working business, such as Bhive or Sharedesk, which have on-site meeting rooms.
  6. Local hotel – hotels will have an on-site coffee shop, lounge area or restaurant and usually are fantastic for parking, regularly offering a free space if it’s up to two hours. They are also super-easy to find, no GPS needed!
  7. Go virtual – who says you have to meet and shake hands? Use the world of technology and meet over the cloud. Using something as simple as Skype, anymeeting or gotomeeting can be a great way to communicate without your prospect having to go anywhere.

The most important part, in my opinion, is to feel comfortable when you get to meet your potential customer. Give the location a test-drive before you share where you book it. Whether you’re making the calls yourself or getting appointments through an outsourced business, like Trifle, you need to know that when the meeting is booked, the client and you will both feel happy, comfortable and can easily hear each other throughout. An added bonus, of course, is the addition of good food and great beverages (coffee is allowed, cake is most definitely essential!).