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Telemarketing with a Difference

Telemarketing with a Difference

Telemarketing is one of the most cost-effective and quickest ways to accurately identify contacts at firms interested in purchasing your products and services. It works so efficiently because it requires an immediate response; you have the attention of a live person on the phone who can identify the correct contacts, answer questions, discuss their budget and overcome any potential barriers.

Qualified Leads that Convert

There are lots of telemarketing companies up and down the UK offering lead generation – you need to find one that does more than that. The supplier you commission should be able to send you qualified leads that convert into new customers.

This is what Trifle Solutions excels at – we drill down to ensure that the generated lead has the budget, the authority to buy, has a need for your product or service and knows when they will be making their purchase. They pass these ‘closing leads’ on to you straight-away – so you can make the sale.

Based in Reading, we have provided expert intelligent telesales and marketing for more than 15 years. We work B2B offering dedicated telemarketing and telesales but also high quality prospect data and telemarketing training for in-house teams.

Free Trial

Trifle Solutions is different because you can try it before you commit for just £149. The team personally meets you to prepare your detailed specification and you experience the team in action. Once you sign-up as a customer, if you are not satisfied with your service, quality or volume of leads – you do not have to pay.

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