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Top Telemarketing Tips for Success

Top Telemarketing Tips for Success



Is telemarketing magic? No, it’s a skill that needs time, experience, planning and perseverance. But like any activity, if you follow the rules, you’ll succeed. In this article we’ll share some key secrets that we’ve learnt over the years to achieve telemarketing success.

Below you’ll find an extract of the Top Tips article but you can download the full article as a PDF here.

#1 – Planning. The holy grail.

Planning – it’s obvious. But often forgotten or bypassed in the excitement of ‘getting to it’. But before you start your telemarketing campaign, if you want to achieve success at the end, make certain you plan your approach by looking at these key steps:

  • Campaign objective. What is a successful outcome for the call and the campaign? Sounds obvious but too many people forget this salient piece of information and steam ahead. Is it to gain contact details? Buying intentions? Opportunities to supply information? All of these are relevant but unless it’s clear at the outset you could end up making contact and missing the point of the call.
  • Market sector. Decide which sector or market you want to target, just thinking that you can call ‘any company’ because ‘everyone needs your products’ is pointless. Different sectors need different approaches, so get the sector straight and firmly laid out.
  • Sector advantages. Having defined the sector, why is it a good sector to aim at for your business services and products? Is it because there is very little competition? Do you have a major USP (unique selling proposition) or key differentiator? Is the need for your service or product growing fast? Whatever the advantage, make sure you understand what it is and how to convey the benefits.
  • Market pressures and changes. Are there disruptors in the target market that you can take advantage of? Such as new legislation or supply issues? Know the pressures and position your services and products as the answer.

“If you want to achieve success at the end, make certain you plan your approach.”


#2 – Who to target?

You’ve defined the market sector and advantages for them to consider your company. But who will be interested in your company? You can identify this through several routes:

  • Social media is the fastest and most immediate source of research. Track and search on keywords, hashtags and investigate groups. Identify the problems and issues that are being raised and identify the job roles of those discussing them on social media.
  • Source a data list that will work for you. Armed with the job roles identified you can use SIC (Standard Industry Classification) codes as your selection criteria.
  • Where the targets work is also key, are they HQ located or in the branch? R&D or front office? And is company size key in this selection process, could it be the number of employees or the company turnover? All of these ensure you don’t waste time and money sourcing lists that are irrelevant.

““Objections are not always unique to your business.”


“Just a note to say how impressed we were with the marketing you and your staff carried out for Triangle Fire Systems. This is a very specialist field and difficult to get doors open but despite that your efforts have produced valuable leads. I appreciated the weekly updates sent on the spreadsheet and it is particularly refreshing in this day and age not to have to be tied into a lengthy contract. My only concern now is how to handle the increased workload once the leads turn into real contracts.”

The tips below are also covered in the full 8 page article “Top Telemarketing Tips For Success”


#4 – Objection handling

Even if you have the right contact, in the right company with the right responsibility and pain point, they may still raise objections. Make sure you are ready. Objections are not always unique to your business. Commonly they revolve around key factors – here are the top objections: 

#5 – Get the information

In our first point we said that knowing what a successful outcome would be is crucial. Now that you have got to the point of the call where you can meet your objectives, don’t forget to ask the closing question. Too often we’ve seen people..

#6 – Follow Up

The obvious final step. You’ve spent time and effort identifying, calling (possibly multiple times) and had an initial conversation that progressed. When you finish the call make sure you don’t just end it: 

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